Saturday, August 29, 2009


Anyone that's kept up with my Good/Bad blogs knows that I like a good/bad pun. This Snickers campaign certainly has its share of both. Overall, though, I like how the ads start to give the wrapper and trademark typeface a brand of its own. The ones on this outdoor ad are 3 of the better ones but my fave of all time is "Get dunked on by Patrick CHEWING." The worst is the one that says CHEWMUTE -- had to have my Twitter followers explain that it was a play on "commute" -- hence the positioning on the side of a bus. Bottom line when it comes to puns -- good or bad -- is you shouldn't have to think. You should see it, get it and either groan or snicker.


Bad Adz said...

Funny I remember these ads, whoa some of them were really bad. Got to find more of them for the collection. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

ha Aaron made a pun
i snickered :p alot
good one
-The Barn Troll